Dental Implant Procedure – Helping you Smile Even Better

Your smile is the first thing that someone notices in you.  Is your teeth misaligned? Is it discoloured, chipped, or even displaced? Gone are those days when you have to stay with your imperfections.  These days, cosmetic dentistry can help you improve the smile of millions across the world. Right from closing the gaps between the teeth to whitening discoloured teeth, dentists have several tools and techniques to give you the perfect smile that you are looking for.

Kinds of cosmetic dentistry procedures

A variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures have come up recently. The dentist will decide which dentistry procedure is required for you. The most common dentistry procedures are discussed below:

  • Whitening. If you are a chain smoker or love aerated drinks like coke, your teeth tend to get discoloured over a period of time. Fortunately, due to the miracle of medical science, your dentist can restore the sparkling white colour of your teeth through teeth whitening process. Your dentist will bleach your teeth to get the right amount of whitening solution.
  • Crowns. At times, your teeth may crack down or worn out, making you feel embarrassed. In such case, in order to cover up, dental science has come up with something called crowns. Crowns are similar to cap which can cover the entire tooth, and also looks quite normal.

  • Veneers. For those of you whose teeth are chipped, broken, discoloured, poorly spaced, or even worn down, veneers is an excellent option. Made from Porcelain, it is durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Bonding. If you have space in between your teeth, bonding may be a good solution. It is a simple process where your dentist will apply a solution to the affected tooth followed by a tooth-coloured material to paste around the problem areas and it is completed in a single visit.
  • Bridges. Bridge is a dentistry option for patients, who have missing teeth. An artificial teeth made of porcelain is connected to the surrounding teeth, covered by crowns.
  • Implants. Tooth Implants are for those patients who miss out one or several teeth. In this process a titanium screws is surgically fixed into the gums on a permanent basis. Unlike bridges, surrounding teeth is not taken as support. The process is time-consuming and involved consultation, test, and x-rays. The titanium screws is implanted and impressions of the jaws is taken to get the correct measurement. Followed by the creation of crown and placement.

Always remember first impression is the last impression. So, we should always be presentable enough before the world.

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